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Bye to Steve

This is a sad day, especially for us Boomers.  Steve Jobs, the man who influenced so much of our waking hours, can’t be gone.  Too young!  He’s OUR AGE!

Do you remember the first computers?  I’d HEARD of them, sure, but computers to me were like the slide rules the engineering students wore in their dorky pockets at Purdue, while I was at party school Indiana U.  Like electric trains or the game Pong, I thought it was just a pastime for losers who knew math but needed something to do while others were out on dates.

Then, suddenly, everybody knew a LOT about how to use a computer, even the old people.   What happened?  I went from satisfied, old-fashioned girl to somebody standing on the wrong side of the door, looking in.  I especially felt that way when I walked into my first Mac store–felt like “A Space Odyssey” in there!

It took me until about 2008, but I finally bought a Mac and could pretty much Understand how to work it, to do the basics, anyway.  Then, I got an I phone, and I’m still impressed at all it can do.  I felt cool, especially when people raised their eyebrows approvingly when I mentioned my Apple products.

Reading of Steve’s accomplishments today, I could hardly believe so much had happened in my lifetime

I feel today like I did when I heard John Lennon had died.  Like part of my youth is gone.  Because it is.



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Boomer Single Women

Did you see the news today that single boomer women are up a creek when it comes to retiring? Only 10% of women in my age group have pensions, and most don’t have enough to retire.

So much for being a new, independent woman and HAVING IT ALL. We tried to be adventurous and not count on a man, and now we find we’re screwed–and not in a good, “free love” way.


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