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I haven’t written in my blog since I created it, a few months ago.

It’s a blog from a Boomer point of view, because I’m one of the older Baby Boomers.  Maybe you other Boomers will get an idea of what’s ahead for you.

Retirement is pretty damn great!

But I must write a little about Congressman A. Weiner.  Why does he think women he writes to would like to see him in his underwear, in a public dressing room mirror, or naked?

I’ve never Twittered, but I have no desire to see any man’s “Area” on a screen, especially the tiny ones we have on Smart phones.   All the women I’ve asked have agreed with me:  we’ve never asked a guy to send us a nude photo of himself.  Why bother?  It’s bad enough these women had to pretend interest in his penis, and make small talk about it.  Who needs pictures, too?

The nuns in 8th grade told us girls that the boys were little animals, and we shouldn’t expect them to control themselves–we must do the controlling for both of us.  This Tweeter proves the nuns were right about something, anyway!


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